Since 1934
Born in 1934 as N.I.V.O. Nastrificio Italian Vedano Olona, rigid tapes industry producing textiles.


Following a fire in time of war, was entirely rebuilt prejudice set in the center of the country where it represents a fundamental reality for decades, particularly in the social status of women, are in fact provided over one hundred jobs to weavers, orditrici , wrappers, used ... 


Born a commercial network with representatives that covers the Italian regions and to a lesser extent some foreign countries, catering primarily to wholesalers of haberdashery and clothing industries underwear and high fashion.


The company occupies a niche in the textile sector considered medium-high, thanks to 'purchase of excellent raw materials, the wide choice of colors of the various articles and products to a careful quality control to which they are subjected.

Since 1974 becomes NASTRIFICIO VEDANESE; unchanged the characteristics described above.






The story continues ....
In 2000 he took over the third generation of employees who acquire the business, while maintaining the proven high quality product strictly "Made in Italy" and bringing innovation in machinery, optimization of resources in the production and updating the working method of deploying security and well-stocked warehouse consequent streamlining of the delivery of the goods, proved to need more and more essential with each passing year!


Just with the intent to improve the latter, in 2007 the company moved into the industrial area of Vedano Olona, buy a large modern warehouse and further modernize both the layout of the work cycle that the potential to fully satisfy the requirements the diversified customer base, which is attached to the haberdashery and textile industry the packaging industry.


Currently it is offered, upon request, a full service, including the possibility of sample colors, various types of packaging, cutting and custom printing of our tapes.